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Common methods of Divination

astrology: by celestial bodies.
augury: by the flight of birds.
bibliomancy: by books (frequently, but not always, religious texts).
cartomancy: by cards.
cheiromancy/palmistry: by palms.
chronomancy: about time, lucky/unlucky days.
cybermancy: by computers.
gastromancy: by crystal ball.
geomancy: by markings in the ground, or the way earth or soil lays when thrown.
hydromancy: by water.
extispicy: by the entrails of animals.
feng shui: by earthen harmony.
I Ching divination: by the I Ching; a form of bibliomancy.
numerology: by numbers.
oneiromancy: by dreams.
onomancy: by names.
Ouija: board divination.
rhabdomancy: divination by rods
runecasting/Runic divination: by runes.
scrying: by reflective objects.
taromancy: a form of cartomancy using tarot cards.
necromancy: by the dead, or spirits/souls of the dead/recently dead
pyromancy: by fire.


These are the more general methods. Of course, there’s a lot more out there.
I shall use this information to tag and categorise the information in this web blog.

The ones that i am familiar, have knowledge of and direct contact with are…
I Ching,

Divinations methods that are common in Singapore includes…
feng shui
bird fortune telling (can’t seem to find the right term for it)

A few common methods that can be found in Singapore left out from the list will be 
Physiognomy (Face reading)

More information on the individual methods to be updated on the blog.

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