Since it’s lunar new year, here’s some 2009 Year of the Ox Predictions.

honestly, this is like the mildest version i have read so far. this is just one of the versions.
generally, 2009 looks pretty good for zodiacs snake, monkey, tiger and horse.
and not so good for goat, ox, dog and rabbit.

Beware of burnout this year, dear Rat. You’re such a hard worker, and this year you may feel even more pressured to put your nose to the grindstone. Keep in mind that you’re naturally resourceful, which means you can stretch resources further than most people. By drawing on this talent, you can avoid exhaustion. Your social life may take a back seat to work responsibilities, and it’s possible you will be lonely for friends. When you do get together with your nearest and dearest, let it be casual and inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. In fact, you’ll enjoy yourself much more at informal gatherings when you can let your hair down and put your feet up. Fortunately, this trend sits well with your frugal nature.

This probably isn’t a good year to splurge on fads; sensible, durable items will bring the best value. One thing you will have to guard against is idle chatter. In 2009, actions speak louder than words. The Year of the Earth Ox poses a wonderful opportunity to expand your family. Getting married, having a child or inviting an older relative to come live with you could bring happiness. “The more, the merrier” should be your motto as far as your home life is concerned. What could be nicer for a family-oriented animal like you?

Money for the Rat
Your best bet for making money this year is to acquire valuable skills. The more you know, the more attractive you could be to prospective employers. If you’ve been thinking of going back to school to get an advanced degree, this might be the year to do so. An ambitious animal like you won’t need much prompting to go back to school.

The Earth Ox year favors long-term ventures of all kinds. It may be necessary for you to take a thankless part-time job as a means to work your way through school or up the career ladder, but don’t let that get you down. Although you may not have an impressive position with a huge salary, you will probably be paying your bills. You can likely even put some money into savings with a little thought and planning. Keep the big picture in mind at all times in 2009.

Love for the Rat
If you want to make a good impression on somebody, you need to demonstrate your worth. Bragging will get you nowhere. When you want to strike up a conversation with someone, talk about substantive issues like religion, politics, books and movies. Making a serious commitment is highly favored for Rats this year; getting engaged or married could be in the cards. If you do decide to take the plunge, do it soberly and reverently. Eloping at a Las Vegas chapel could have disastrous results in an Earth Ox year, so opt for a traditional ceremony instead.

In the event you are single, you could meet someone special at work or at a professional gathering. Take things slow, as the Ox frowns on impulsive behavior. If you’re in a relationship, you may decide to start a business with your beloved. That may greatly appeal to you, as Rats enjoy spending every spare moment with the one they love.

The Year of the Earth Ox invites you to reach for the stars. Love, money and luck are headed your way, and it’s up to you to make the most of these gifts. Your personal life will be especially rewarding. Career demands will likely ease, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family. There’s never been a better year to go on an extended vacation. That’s a relief, as Oxen don’t fare well in stressful, busy times.

You’ll enjoy exuberant health, particularly if you’re well rested. If you’ve ever wanted to go back to school, 2009 could be the year to do so. This is your big chance to become a master craftsman, gourmet chef, organic farmer or professional landscaper. You’ve always been clever with your hands. It will take a while to reach your goals, but if you begin the journey now, your success is virtually guaranteed. Buying your own home is also a possibility, so don’t assume that a dream property is out of reach. By working with a bank or lending institution, you could be living in a beautiful country estate by the end of the year. Your impeccable taste will enable you to create a gorgeous haven from the outside world. Do yourself a favor and consider reducing your work schedule. Your colleagues won’t turn to dust if you’re not on the job 24 hours a day, so take this opportunity to stop and smell the flowers. You’ve earned a break!

Money for the Ox
The Year of the Earth Ox invites you to take a long-term approach to finance. Slow and steady wins the race this year, most likely with regard to jobs involving art and design. If you deal with real estate, consider avoiding get-rich quick schemes; developing a property over a long period of time will probably yield greater profits. Fortunately, you possess enough patience to pace yourself accordingly.

If you want a raise or promotion, think about asking for one between May and July when your boss is likely to be receptive to such requests. Although your wealth probably won’t see a huge spike this year, it can be steady, which is a definite plus in this economy. Count your blessings. In the event you decide to launch a business, look at the idea of starting small — you can always expand as you gain experience. It’s better to do one thing well and efficiently than try to be all things to all people.

Love for the Ox
Things will go swimmingly for you this year, which means you can’t take anything — or anyone — for granted. If you’re in a relationship, take extra pains to attend to your partner’s needs. This may be difficult, as you have a hard time expressing your emotions. In the event you earn lots of money while he or she suffers a career setback, you may want to encourage your mate to spend the year pursuing a cherished dream.

If your marriage is in trouble, you need to either get counseling or break things off altogether. 2009 marks a “make or break” point in your intimate relations. Single? You could meet someone special between September and November. Don’t embark on this relationship lightly — Earth Ox years favor long-term unions. You could meet the love of your life in a cooking, gardening or pottery class.

There won’t be much time for fun and games in the Year of the Earth Ox. Instead, you’ll be continually forced to prove yourself to friends, employers and relatives. Assuming more responsibility will open the door for bigger and better things in 2010. The secret to your success will be sticking to a schedule, and although you hate being hemmed in like this, you will gain some valuable skills along the way. Being able to deliver excellent work on schedule will cause your reputation to soar, and increase the appreciation of your loved ones.

Practicing humility is also important in 2009, which won’t be easy for a prideful animal like you. An unassuming person could turn out to be a respected authority in their field. By playing second banana to this person, you can acquire some valuable skills of your own. Keep warm during the winter months, as you could be vulnerable to colds, flus and other viruses. Vitamins, nourishing food, regular exercise and adequate sleep will boost your immune system. Before you throw your paws up in despair, keep in mind that Ox years bestow tremendous creativity on Tigers. If you’re ever going to write that novel, shoot that film or record that album, this is the year to do so!

Money for the Tiger
It’s time to take control of your finances. The Earth Ox year demands that you think about paying off debts, or at least paring them down. If you’re in serious trouble, consider contacting a credit management agency to consolidate your loans and reduce your interest rate. The lavish lifestyle you enjoy will likely have to be scaled back in 2009.

As far as work is concerned, you will probably need to apply yourself to make money. When given a choice between getting a flat salary and earning a commission, think about choosing the latter. You could be especially successful if your career involves entertainment, hospitality or medicine. Alternately, you could yield impressive profits in menswear. It may be necessary to deal with a bossy authority figure this year, realizing that you probably won’t be in the driver’s seat in 2009. Contact sports can provide an outlet for your career frustrations.

Love for the Tiger
If you’re going to experience happiness in your love life, you’ll need to manage your temper. The Year of the Earth Ox emphasizes patience, which is not really your strong suit. Nevertheless, if you learn how to put your needs aside for the sake of your partner, you’ll go a long way toward forging a happy relationship. Getting counseling may be a good move for you, especially if you have trouble coming to terms with anger issues that have dogged you since childhood.

If you’re single, it may be best to play the field this year. You’ll have an interesting array of suitors between February and July. Treat this period as an opportunity to experiment with all different kinds of relationships. By the time 2010 rolls around, you’ll be ready to make a serious commitment.

It’s best for Rabbits to keep a low profile during the Year of the Earth Ox. You won’t see dramatic progress in 2009, rather, you’ll experience a slow but steady series of breakthroughs. Many of the people you work and play with will be brash and outspoken. Cultivating diplomacy will be critical to your professional and personal success. If you play your cards right, you could even land a wonderful creative assignment. Although you won’t get much critical acclaim for this job, you will gain invaluable experience. A high-strung creature like you needs to devise strategies to keep stress at bay. When you worry that you’re out of your depth, lean on friends and family for support. Your loved ones will bolster your courage and enable you to vault over intimidating hurdles.

It may be wise to add lots of fiber to your diet this year, or digestive problems could ensue. As far as exercise is concerned, try activities that increase flexibility: yoga, tai chi and gymnastics are all favored. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for all of your appointments, or you will miss a few golden opportunities. Keep your cell phone charged and check messages frequently, as being in constant contact with the outside world will put you over the top this year.

Money for the Rabbit
This isn’t the best year to switch jobs, so consider staying put in your current position; you can move on to greener pastures in 2010. The Year of the Earth Ox requires you to work hard and pay your dues. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have; it looks as though you’ll have to prove yourself all over again. This can be difficult, as Rabbits are notoriously prideful. The good news is that 2009 will enable you to make some valuable business contacts, and these benefactors will prove useful next year.

If you’re looking for work, you could find it in November. Opportunities related to funeral homes, cemeteries and law enforcement are especially favored. Business related to recycling and renewable energy sources are also worth exploring. Think about taking a conservative approach to finances this year, not playing the market too aggressively and saving as much money as you can.

Love for the Rabbit
You’re bound to receive lots of kindness and understanding from a romantic partner in 2009. The Earth Ox creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance on the home front, which is a welcome trend for a sensitive animal like you. If you’re burnt out at work, your mate may encourage you to quit while you find something better to do. Going back to school or starting your own business could be possible because of your beloved’s support.

In the event you are single, you should take extra pains with your appearance between August and September, when you could meet someone special at a rollicking party. If a friend offers to set you up on a blind date, accept. Otherwise, you could miss a golden opportunity to meet your soul mate.

Although you won’t have much opportunity to sparkle and shine during the Year of the Earth Ox, you’ll experience sizable gains. It’s all a matter of pacing yourself — slow and steady wins the race in 2009. Mastering the art of persuasion will help you in every area of life. Cultivate your powers of seduction; learn how to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Convincing others to do your bidding will be more effective than using brute force. It may be necessary to take orders from others this year. This doesn’t sit well with an authoritative person like you. However, being of service will make you a better employee, friend, parent and lover. Learning how to be a good team player could put you in line for a promotion next year.

Egotistical Dragons, on the other hand, stand a good risk of getting fired. It’s possible you could be accident-prone this year, so drive carefully, avoid contact sports and steer clear of violent people. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to push the envelope in 2010. The Ox year also favors self-improvement ventures of all kinds. Getting a physical trainer, professional guru or life coach can work wonders if you follow this person’s advice to the letter. Never fear; you’ll be able to exhibit your star power next year. For now, however, you need to hide your light under a bushel.

Money for the Dragon
The Year of the Earth Ox doesn’t present many opportunities for you to stand in the career spotlight. You might have to learn to be satisfied with playing an advisory role, which won’t sit well with a natural leader like you. Never fear, dear Dragon; you’ll have bigger fish to fry in 2010.

For the time being, you should think about focusing on gaining experience and being helpful to your boss. If you want to switch jobs, consider setting your sights on March and April, when prospects will be most favorable. This is especially true if you work with the public. Human relations, hospitality and sales are the fields that will likely reap the most fruit. You might want to resist the urge to spend lots of money on a romantic partner and saving your income for a rainy day. It’s likely best to keep gambling totally out of the picture in 2009.

Love for the Dragon
A casual fling could turn into the real deal between May and August. Prepare to be swept off your feet. Passion will flare between you and your lover, especially when your mate decides to challenge your assumptions.

In the past, your partner may have been content for you to take the lead in your relationship — that will change now that the Year of the Earth Ox has arrived. Take the passenger seat from time to time … you may actually learn to enjoy the view! Beware of listening to idle gossip, or jealousy could consume you. Learn to give your partner the benefit of the doubt. If you’re single, you could meet someone special at work. Mixing business with pleasure may prove blissful.

The Year of the Earth Ox could be one of your best ever, dear Snake. Your special brand of charm will prove very popular this year, and you should have no trouble winning over potential employers, clients and lovers. You’ll even be able to negotiate workable compromises with your enemies. If you don’t take financial risks, you could turn a profit in 2009. Although you’ll be very busy with work, you’ll have a welcome opportunity to kick back and relax in late summer. Take this golden opportunity to shed your skin. You’ll emerge refreshed, energized and ready for new projects.

Don’t be surprised if you discover a hidden talent this fall — this gift will put you in contact with a variety of new people this autumn. Old, outmoded friends will fall by the wayside. You simply can’t make time for people who no longer meet your emotional needs, and fortunately you’ll be able to part ways peacefully. During an Ox year, everybody feels overextended. Treat 2009 as an opportunity to bring your life up to date. As far as your health is concerned, beware of overindulging in rich food and intoxicating drinks. Aerobic exercise like running and swimming will strengthen your heart and improve your circulation.

Money for the Snake
Slow and steady wins the race as far as finances are concerned this year. Your money problems can ease as 2009 progresses, it’s just a matter of being patient. Fortunately, you Snakes are willing to bide your time for the sake of success. If you’re thinking of changing jobs, consider waiting until October or November when a friend could tip you off to a very lucrative career opportunity. You could do especially well in the area of art and design, and you’re one of the few signs that could do well in the stock market.

The Year of the Earth Ox favors investments in nuclear energy, high tech securities and education. You could launch a successful business with a well-connected friend, but if you do, you may make some secret enemies. Be very careful of whom you trust with your bank account and personal information … jealousy can cause people to do some pretty underhanded things.

Love for the Snake
As far as romance is concerned, 2009 may be one of your best years yet. If you haven’t had a serious relationship for a while, that will change between April and June. Keep your ears open for a sensual love interest with a great voice — this person will engage you in the stimulating debates you love so well. Getting married in an Earth Ox year bodes well for sinewy Snakes; go ahead and take the plunge!

In the event you’re already married, devote extra care and attention to your spouse. Go on regular dates together, and be sure to plan one special vacation with your beloved. Leave the kids at home — the Year of the Earth Ox demands plenty of “adults only” time.

Onward and upward will be the trend during the Year of the Earth Ox. Although your love life may not be stellar, you will make considerable progress toward personal and professional goals. Finding your dream job is a real possibility in 2009, as is getting a diploma, conquering a bad habit or taking up a musical instrument. The secret to your success is that upbeat, can-do attitude that characterizes all Horses. If you’ve ever wanted to make money from your favorite hobby, the possibilities are high this year.

Partnerships aren’t really favored in an Ox year — it’s better to paddle your own canoe. If you’re in a relationship, learn how to become more self-sufficient. Learning how to cook, fix appliances, do yard work or clean the house will take the pressure off an intimate relationship. When it comes to your health, you need to guard against cuts and scrapes, so be careful with sharp knives and pointy instruments. Keep a supply of bandages and disinfectant on hand, just to be on the safe side. Make a point of being kind to children, assistants and service people. Being a generous leader will set a positive tone in your home and workplace, and cause your reputation to soar. You bring out the best in others by having faith in their abilities.

Money for the Horse
Although the Year of the Earth Ox may not bode well financially for most signs, you might prove the exception to the rule. Like the Ox, the Horse is a work animal. You’re not afraid of toiling hard to reach the top. You could achieve brilliant success in politics, public relations or advertising — any job that puts you in the spotlight is favored.

If you’ve ever wanted to be an entertainer, this could be the year to go on auditions. People should immediately respond to your star power. You’ll have to work hard to get to the top, but there’s lots of fun to be had along the way. That’s because you’ll love what you’re doing. If you plan on changing jobs, think about sending out a flurry of resumes between January and March; you could get several tempting offers. Trust your instincts when it comes to investments and other moneymaking opportunities. Your instincts might be right on target this year.

Love for the Horse
Buckle your seatbelt — the Year of the Earth Ox will prove bumpy as far as romance is concerned. Restlessness could threaten a stable relationship. When it comes to love, you Horses have a tendency to bolt for greener pastures, but beware of throwing a good thing away for the sake of a casual fling. If temptation rears its ugly head, find a way to channel your attention back onto your partner. There will be plenty of time for adventure in 2010, but for now you need to be a dependable helpmate.

In the event you are thinking of getting married, wait until next year when dramatic changes will be more strongly favored. Single? You could have a couple of fun flings this year — one in April and another in December — though lasting love may not arrive until next year.

Friendship is the name of the game in the Year of the Earth Ox. Whatever problems you face — professional, financial, personal or romantic — you’ll get by with a little help from your pals. Making more time for your nearest and dearest is critical. Short trips are favored throughout August and October — this would be a great time to visit loved ones who live nearby. If you don’t spend time with your favorite people, stress can take a toll on your health.

You Goats are sensitive creatures that are easily thrown off balance. Granted, you’ll have plenty of extra responsibilities heaped on your shoulders throughout 2009, but the point is, you don’t have to handle them all by yourself. Be willing to ask friends and neighbors to run errands, baby sit or fix meals when you are pressed for time. They’ll be more than happy to help. If you need to sell your home, launch a legal case or conquer a medical problem, consider hiring a professional. Although their fees may be steep, you can benefit from their expert services. 2009 is definitely not the year when you should tackle jobs all by yourself … it will take a village!

Money for the Goat
It’s time to pay the piper, dear Goat. The Year of the Earth Ox might force you to come to terms with your creditors. When you can no longer push these bills to the bottom of the pile, consider starting with the debt that is incurring the largest interest rate and working your way down. You’ll probably have to cut down on luxuries this year, and it may even be necessary to downsize your living space. This can be difficult for a luxury-loving animal like you. If you meet your obligations, though, you’ll likely reap significant rewards next year.

In the event you have your own business, you might not want to try to expand it in 2009. Maintaining the status quo could be a far better bet. Business opportunities related to tourism, foreign trade and shipping are all favored, but think twice before delving into the stock market!

Love for the Goat
You could feel a lot of pressure on the romance front in 2009. Somebody may try to push you into taking a casual affair a step further. Unfortunately, you’re not ready to take the plunge. It’s better to remain single than to commit yourself to a lackluster relationship, so break ties and focus on having fun. Going solo to parties will feel like a breath of fresh air. Fortunately, an attractive creature like you never lacks for invitations. You’ll have an especially good time between July and September, when you’ll meet a whole variety of interesting people.

If you’re already in a serious relationship, be prepared to take on more responsibilities, or else home life could become stressful. The best gift you can give your mate is the gift of leisure. By showing care and consideration for them, they’ll be more tender and giving toward you.

Playing by the rules is key to your success. The Year of the Earth Ox won’t favor any monkeying around when it comes to the law. That being said, your hard work and diligence will reap huge rewards. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew — it’s better to focus on one or two big projects than juggle six or seven little jobs. This runs contrary to your multi-tasking instincts, but try anyway.

If you’ve had a hard time acquiring a skill in past years, that could change in 2009. This is your big chance to learn a foreign language, master a musical instrument or figure out a complicated software program … it’s all a matter of perseverance. Fortunately, annoying distractions will be few and far between. Your health will be robust this year, especially if you drink plenty of water; keeping your kidneys flushed will stave off infections of all kinds. In the event you’ve been experiencing chronic health problems, you could finally find relief for them in 2009. Don’t be adverse to holistic therapies. The Year of the Ox is also ideal for fixing dental problems. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, do yourself a favor and check into rehab. You’ll emerge feeling years younger.

Money for the Monkey
You can turn a tidy profit during the Year of the Earth Ox, provided you stay focused. Instead of doing many jobs at once, consider focusing on one talent you’d really like to develop. Getting a full-time position is favored, even if you’ve done seasonal or freelance work in the past. Thign about resisting your natural urge to chase after new, exciting opportunities before you’ve fulfilled your obligations to an existing employer. Jobs involving courage — like politics, policing or entertaining — are especially favored; they’ll prevent you from getting bored.

You could also make a killing in the stock market. Stocks related to food, telecommunications and show business will be especially profitable. This could be a great time to begin a retirement fund or expand your portfolio. An exciting promotion or job award could fall into your lap in November. Getting an assistant will enable you to focus on big work assignments.

Love for the Monkey
Finding a loving playmate could be in the cards during the Year of the Earth Ox. You could meet your soul mate at a museum, concert, play or art gallery between March and July. The chemistry between you will be immediately evident. There’s never been a better year for you to get engaged.

If you are already married, this would be a great time to conceive or adopt a child; any young person who makes its way into your life this year will be a source of profound joy. Long-term relationships will thrive throughout 2009, too. Be prepared to delegate some responsibilities to your mate so you will have more time for creative pursuits. Even a capable creature like you could use an extra pair of hands, and entrusting your partner with important duties will engender a welcome spirit of cooperation.

2009 is poised to shower you with gifts, dear Rooster. You’ll come into your own during the Year of the Earth Ox. People appreciate your wisdom, insight and wit this year. What bliss for an exhibitionist like you! There’s never been a better time to go abroad; consider planning a trip for October. Getting an advanced diploma or certificate is also favored. There is one downside to this year, however: you run the risk of burnout. Although it may pain you to do so, you need to get into the habit of turning off your cell phone after hours, otherwise you’ll never get any rest. Besides, you owe it to your friends and family to be entirely present for them.

As far as your health is concerned, you need to make more time for meditative activities like nature walks, meditation, reading and prayer. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. Make more time for hobbies, too. All work and no play make a cranky Rooster. Don’t worry about falling behind — if there’s one year you can do it all, it’s this one. Be sure to enter as many contests as possible during the Year of the Earth Ox. Luck is on your side, and could be awarded in the form of cash and prizes!

Money for the Rooster
You could enter a new level of career during the Year of the Earth Ox. At long last, you might have the chance to call the shots at your place of work. In the event you are self-employed, think about expanding your business in 2009. Opportunities like this are few and far between, and might be worth pursuing for an independent animal like you. Ventures related to writing, education and media are especially favored.

If you’re thinking of getting a new job, think about sending out resumes and going on interviews between July and September … you could find a plum position that pays well. If you have a choice between taking a flat salary and earning a commission, consider takeing the salary. It might be wise to make a vow to put a set portion of your income into savings each week.

Love for the Rooster
The Year of the Earth Ox invites you to slow down and smell the flowers, especially where romance is concerned. Take this opportunity to cut back your work schedule for the sake of parties, picnics and pleasure trips. If you’re single, you could meet someone special at a book club, political meeting or adult education class. You could also find love while taking a guided tour of an historic city in October. Be aware that an understated approach to love is favored in the Year of the Earth Ox, which is in direct odds with your usual forward manner. Remember, a little subtlety can go a long way in 2009!

In the event you are already in a committed relationship, this would be a lovely time to plan for the future together. Sit down with your partner and discuss your dreams. Together, you can accomplish great things, especially if you give each other unconditional support. Use 2009 as a springboard to start your own business, move abroad or forge an entirely new lifestyle.

Steer clear of controversy during the Year of the Earth Ox, otherwise you could find yourself in court. A justice-lover like you will do more good working with the system than against it. On the plus side, your financial situation will become much more secure. Your income will be steady, enabling you to pay off debts and put some money into savings. Instead of having to look for work, you’ll be able to spend more time with friends and family.

Resist the urge to isolate yourself when things go wrong. Dogs have a tendency to turn within when the going gets tough, but that won’t do in a sociable Ox year. Surrounding yourself with supportive people will help you withstand any pressure you experience in 2009. If you let the pressure build, you could experience terrible headaches. Practicing relaxation techniques like guided imagery, controlled breathing and meditation can alleviate this pain. Travel is favored this year, especially if you take a trip with someone you love, and visiting a spiritual mecca or holy city will be especially enjoyable. You are bound to make lots of friends in an Ox year. People are impressed by your loyalty and open-minded attitude. You may be especially drawn to rebels, since most people will cling to stodgy traditions this year. Rule-breakers and eccentrics will feel like a breath of fresh air in 2009.

Money for the Dog
This might not be a good year to enter into financial partnerships, dear Dog. An ultra-responsible creature like you may have difficulty finding an associate who is equally diligent. You’re better off going solo. Justice-oriented work can yield decent money, and you should do very well if your job is related to social work, the law or education. Granted, you may not have a stellar financial year, but you might be able to meet your bills and have a little left over for occasional luxuries.

In the Year of the Earth Ox, it behooves us all to linger over life’s small pleasures. You might not want to make any drastic career moves or invest in the stock market, though. If you want to put money toward your retirement, consider treasury bonds. An interesting job offer or two could arrive between October and December, but your current position might be worth sticking out. Bigger and better career opportunities will arrive in 2010.

Love for the Dog
It’s time to put power struggles to rest; the Year of the Earth Ox emphasizes cooperation. Be more vocal about your needs. As a Dog, you have a tendency to keep your thoughts hidden. Unfortunately, this trait could work against you in an ultra-practical Earth Ox year. By clearly stating your desires and concerns, you could achieve a new level of closeness with your partner.

If you’re single, be content with your status. Forming friendships is favored in May and November. One of your new alliances could blossom into romance next year, but until then, just focus on having fun. Whether you are single or committed, you may experience periods of loneliness throughout 2009. Instead of looking for someone else to fill this void, look within yourself for fulfillment. Develop an interest in art, spirituality or science. This is your big chance to forge a love affair with yourself.

All play and no work could lead to trouble in the Year of the Earth Ox. Therefore, you need to step up your responsibilities in 2009, dear Pig. That’s a bit of a drag for a fun-loving creature like you, but rest assured that your efforts will be rewarded. You could be sent on several glamorous business trips this year, and if you play your cards right, you could even take a loved one along on one of these journeys. Learning to mix business with pleasure will be your main mission.

With regard to your health, you may need to undergo a surgical procedure, but it looks as though this operation will go well. Don’t put it off. Be very attentive to all of your friends this year. If you throw a party, err on the side of inviting more people, not less, lest you offend somebody; you can’t afford to make enemies this year. Keep in mind that lots of people will envy your luck this year, and by sharing the wealth, you’ll maximize your good fortune. Don’t take your assistants for granted, either. Remember, your success is partially the result of their help, so be sure to express your appreciation and reward their efforts on a regular basis. Be praiseworthy of children, too. Constant criticism can break their spirits in 2009.

Money for the Pig
You could travel for business quite a bit during the Year of the Earth Ox. The more mobile you are, the more money you’ll probably make. Business ventures related to travel, transportation and trading will be especially profitable. If you’ve ever wanted to enter the publishing or journalism field, you could have a golden opportunity between August and September. Carry a hefty supply of business cards with you, as you could meet important clients wherever you go.

Although you’re not especially ambitious, you do enjoy work that is varied and stimulating, and that’s just what the Year of the Earth Ox should provide for you. Theft could be a problem in 2009, so lock up your valuables and protect your personal information. Forewarned is forearmed.

Love for the Pig
This will be a pretty upbeat year for romance. If you’re looking for love, you could find someone special between April and July. Although you’ll be very busy with work, you need to attend as many parties and social events as possible throughout this golden period. Fortunately, you Pigs love playing the field. You’re especially attracted to practical, hardworking executives. Marriage is a possibility, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, focus on building a strong foundation for your relationship instead.

In the event you already have a committed partner, make sure to schedule a romantic vacation. Devoting exclusive time to one another will keep your love alive throughout 2009. You’ll have the most fun if you head to a beautiful, rustic villa. The countryside never fails to get your juices flowing.

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