Something interesting. East and West combined. In this website. Not much for now. I will find out more about it in the future. Maybe not for this project.

After gathering feedback, i’ve gained a lot of new directions. One of the comments that really struck me is what Kasxier said about chinese fortunetelling is being neglected as compared to the western ones.

And especially after the recent debate over the Chinese Zodiac at Wikipedia (please check the discussion page). I quote comments that are written there making comparisons between chinese and western fortunetelling/divination.

Chinese is confusing. I prefer Western Astrology. It doesn’t lie.

So narrowing it in the sense of Chinese Fortune-telling might be feasible.

But right now, anything can be possible.

Maybe i should just ask everyone to scan their palms and i post up readings during the exhibition. XD

I’m trying to get my Murphy’s law book back from my friend. Apparently, it has something that one can relate to as self-fufilling prophecy that might interest everyone.