Just wanted to write down the possible questions that can be raised, allowing it to go through my mind before i really decide on a final one. 

The questions are all in random order. not in order of importance.


1. How to make people gain interest in fortune telling other than just all fun and games, but also learn something about it. By simplifying them and showing important aspects. Purpose is to educate and inform.

2. Recreate a new fortune telling experience by creating new card games or new fortune telling that deals with chance. For example, Check your handphone, today is the 4th of the month, so we add up the numbers of your 4th contact number. 1 represents … 2 represents … 3 represents…

3. How to make them see fortune-telling in a different light. For example, make a GIGANTIC BIG BIG BIG FORTUNE COOKIE that vomits out random fortune slips. Or GIGANTIC COINS that people supposed to toss.

4. The topic of Self-fulfilling prophecy so that it does not happen. The problems lies in how humans interpret anything in life. At least 50% of the time, the brain are making guesses. Including the things we see. So yes, we can be ‘seeing’ things.

5. Apathy towards fortune telling. The I-Don’t-Care Attitude. Thus coming up with a quick and easy, clear and concise instruction booklet. Make it simple and interesting. 

6. Many does know about horoscopes and zodiac etc, but the fortune telling lost it’s qualities because of some misconceptions. So i can take this chance to change misconceptions.

7. Prove readings through statistics. For example, Aries are supposed to be stubborn, headstrong, energetic, with leadership qualities. Survey to see how true it is. Give statistics.

8. Remake the whole fortune telling experience. Decorate the place to get a FEEEELING of fortune telling.

9. Change people’s perceptions about fortune telling. People think it’s intriguing, some totally skeptical. Maybe it is possible to do something fun but make them think.

10. Simply mix fun and messages

11. People thinks that Tarots are serious and evil. Maybe the tarot story can be illustrated, in a cute and fun way for better understanding.

12. Touch on the topic on how people perceive images. Different opinions and misconceptions.

13. Why do people do fortune telling? For fun or to answer questions? People’s mindset towards fortune telling. Why seek for it?