Sadly due to time constrain, really have to decide on something soon. and narrow them down.

Also because the amount of information that i have to take in since it’s kind of a fairly new divination method to me o_o 

I have 2 questions. 2 different direction. I can’t decide which to take.


Divination is slowly becoming a ‘fading tradition’.
This is partially due to how contemporary divination is being told. For example,  horoscope and zodiac. How they are being mentioned as a generalisation makes people skeptical and take them on a surface level.

Divination is being narrowed down to just palmistry.

2 takes. 2 directions.


inform people about how palmistry is being done. so that they will have this knowledge and go around trying on their friends for fun. it is supposed to be fun, not too serious. but information has to be simplified and categorised. maybe only the most basic is mentioned.

a) let GD group mates try reading their own palm on the spot. everyone try to figure everyone’s out.

those big long exhibition boards which explains the different kind of palm lines etc.

b) let them try it on other people

some pocket size book. Or A3 paper that can be folded to pocket size. the instruction bible! 


do readings for the whole class. let them experience. no guarantee on the accuracy. (learnt it in a few days, what can you expect. hahaha.) but they wouldn’t know how to do it.

a) let them see everyone’s readings. 

those big long exhibition boards. written on every board’s everyone’s fortune. will probably see many many palms and description at the side. description also to be printed out on paper for them to bring back. (disclaimers included)



yes i know, i said 2.

combine both!
do a mini pocket size manual, clear and concise so everyone can go around and try on their friends and do palm reading for 3 to 5 people from our class. (accuracy not guaranteed) 

Okie! I need a vote before Sunday! Please comment if you happen to read this!

Okie. Start with the posters design first i guess. *facepalms*