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Let’s just start by looking at the image.

Many people misinterpret the Death card as something bad. This is one of the most common misconception about the Death card.

It is true that the Death card can mean death of a person (for example, a relative etc). But more importantly, the death card is an indication of change. The end of something and the start of another.

Death is just a natural and important, if sad part of an on-going cycle. Winter comes so that there can be a spring, and we can only appreciate what we have when we know that there is loss. The Death card signals such things. This is a time of change. Time for something to end; but time also for something new to begin.

The meanings of each Tarot card can be very easy to remember just by looking at the image.

Though it does show the skeleton and the body lying on the gound. One should also notice that the skeleton knight is riding on a white horse. White symbolises purity and innocence. At the right side of the card also shows the rising sun, which can be interpreted as a new beginning.

Quote from Aeclectic Tarot

The Death card indicates this transition from lower to higher to highest. This is a card of humility, and it may indicate the Querent as being brought low, but only so that they can then go higher than they ever have before.


The Story of Fool

It was said that the Tarot cards shows the story of the Fool’s journey. And this is the part where the Fool meets Death.

Having left the tree from where he hung, the Fool moves carefully through a fallow field, head still clearing from visions. The air is cold and wintry, the trees bare. Before him, he sees, rising with the sun, a skeleton in black armor mounted on a white horse. He recognizes it as Death. As it stops before him, he humbly asks, “Have I died?” He feels, in fact, rather empty and desolate. And the Skeleton answers, “Yes, in a way. You sacrificed your old world, your old self. Both are gone, dead.” The Fool reflects on that, “How sad.” Death acknowledges this with a nod. “Yes, but it is the only way to be reborn. A new Sun is rising, and it is, for you, a time of great transformation.” As Death rides away, the Fool can feel the truth in those words. He, too, feels like a skeleton, all that he was stripped away. This, he understands, is how all great transformations start, by stripping things to the bone, and building fresh upon the bare foundations.

If you ask me what are the cards that show more of a negative connotation, it would be these



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